The Tefal Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer

Tefal actifry genius XL air fryer

Is making delicious food the reason you’re in the market for an air fryer. The Tefal actifry genius XL is a great buy. The Tefal actifry genius is shorter and deeper than rivals. The first thing which catches attention is its unique bowl shaped design. There are a lot of features to meet your desires for crispy fried foods.

These best air fryer reviews will help you to use your money wisely. Although, the best air fryer is expensive. But it is worth spending your money on the Tefal actifry genius XL air fryer. This actifry has a wide range of settings. This Tefal actifry is easy to use controls. This makes delicious and evenly cooked food. Although, this fryer has pros and cons both. This best air fryer review will help to make smart choices for your culinary.

The material used in it is not a carcinogen if it is used wisely. Moreover, it’s not only for making potato fries. You can come up with just about any juicy and crunchy recipe using an appliance of this nature. You can enjoy pastries,  chops, and chicken nuggets crunchy outside and fluffy inside.

Here is the best review for the Tefal actifry genius XL air fryer to have a look at design and technology.

Tefal actifry has a detachable bowl often with a separate basket that sits inside. It has a set of manual or digital control at the rear of the fryer.

It comes with a window that helps you to check on your food without letting the cold air in. This bowl size is also more than adequate to cook chips or meat for the family of two.


It may be named as XL fryer but it is in very convenient size. It is a portable gadget for your culinary. Tefal actifry fits nicely to the corner top. It weighs less. You may take it for camping or for long trips. Moreover you can cook two dishes at the same time. It is designed to have two cooking levels.


The technology used in this air fryer perfectly fries meals and cooks evenly. It used dual motion technology. It combines hot air and gentle paddle to make food tender and crispy inside out. The usage of oil is 99 percent less than other deep fryers. So that you can get more healthy food.

Furthermore, it is constructed with nine programs to set the temperature manually depending on the food which you are cooking.


This best air fryer provides versatility to your food. It makes you enable to cook anything. More likely pizzas, fish, steak, chicken, nuggets, pastry, bacon wrapped onion rings and much more. It enables you to make food in no time. Just put the food in its interior, set the specific cooking program and get the food before the blink.

Not only has this, 1-meal-in-1-go program helps to shove all the food items at once. Henceforth, your time will be saved and you can focus on more important things.

The other point which wants your attention is that it comes with an app with over 300 recipes. This will widen your cooking experience and variety to taste.


This best air fryer review will help you in the maintenance of the best air fryer. Tefal actifry genius consumes 99 percent less oil. Therefore; it makes the surface less or no greasy. It comes in the market with the dishwasher safe parts. So that machine can do the washing itself. As it takes less time in cooking similarly, it takes less time in cleaning. For cleaning purposes you just have to put a food tray and pan in the dishwasher to get it clean. Exterior can be cleaned by wiping with damp cloth.


The best air fryer is moderately priced. It’s not cheap. But a great thing comes with great investment. It is built for high level performance. It’s not super cheap but can serve as a main air fryer rather than being a sidekick.


You can rely on the reviews of current or previous customers. According to best air fryer reviews, it makes food excellent and crunchy. It’s more likely that you will get deceived that food is from a special food point. Few customers also noted and reviewed that it can also make food like chicken legs, sausages and stews with it. With the help of air fryer reviews can be noted that its interior is non-stick. So that you will have a great chance of food being wasted by sticking to the surface.

All the reviews about the product show that this appliance is a great unit. You should have it in your home. These are also available in different sizes. Their prices vary from product to product. And the decision of buying this product, you will never regret. It fulfills the need of customers having great taste, tender and crispy food, with the consumption of little or less oil. The Tefal actifry genius design also supports the sales of the best air fryer. It’s perfectly suitable for the décor of your kitchen. The Tefal actifry XL air fryer is a good one to give a try. Enhance the glory of your kitchen by buying this product and have great taste without stress.


This product is one of the best air fryer models. It will meet your needs of frying and preparing crispy foods. Moreover it will provide you healthy food with less oil consumption like all modern air fryers. Additionally it will improve the decor and capacity of your kitchen. Therefore it is recommended to order it after reading the review according to your requirements. 

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