What Size of Air Fryer is needed for 2?

NuWave Brio

The only thing about which you don’t have to worry while buying an air fryer is; size. You can get any shape, any size, any color of your desire without any trouble.  Before moving towards the preferences, you should know what privileges an air fryer provides. Air fryers are always functional cooking units and smart choices of smart people. The only product which can control or reduce your oil consumption is none other than air fryers. So, after buying one you don’t have to play hide and seek with food.  The only thing which you have to do is air fry your food without oil.

This is the point where all air fryer brands focus a lot on that little or less oil consumption. Making healthy food is what we are hinting on. The meal which is soaked in fat is not even pleasant to eyes, how it can be better for health.

Just like health benefits, there are much more maintenance benefits also. Fryers are convenient to clean. At the same time, conventional frying and instant pots demand hard work in maintenance. Air fryers with rotisserie are also a marvelous feature. Through this, you can make a full chicken at a time which is quite remarkable.

Air fryer capacity ranges from small one to a large one that is from 6 quarts to 16 quarts. So for getting the best air fryer, estimate how much food you cook? And the size of the fryer ensures its capacity to hold your required food.

Following are the few tips mentioned in the best air fryer reviews keep them in consideration while making a choice.

1. How Much Food You Cook

The first criterion for buying the best air fryer is how much food you will cook. You don’t have to focus on the number of people. You consider the amount of food. You can be two people in the family, but sometimes you may have to cook double. So in the near future it won’t meet your needs. So getting the tiny one shouldn’t be your preference. Always grab the average and medium one.

Henceforth, for making a small-sized portion the fryer with the capacity of 2 to 3.7 quart will be much appropriate.


The air fryers which lie in this category are; the Avalon Bay air fryers and Philips air fryer viva collection turbo star HD9621/96.

At the same time, if you have to make large portions, a few more products should be in your consideration. The large portion capacity required is 4 to 6 quarts.

The NuWave Brio and Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer fall in this category with the capacity of 6 quarts. These fryers are best for not cramming food into the basket. Moreover, this machine cooks food evenly.

2. Type of Food to Be Cooked

The second thing which demands consideration is the type of food to be cooked. You can make a variety of food via air fryers. This variety includes pizza, chicken wings, steak, chops, bacon etc. Henceforth, the fryer unit can support all types of food but to a specific size limit for snacks and small servings. Hence, choosing a fryer with the capacity of 2-3 quart will enable you to prepare fries or vegetables conveniently.

This range is also suitable for a cooking meal for two to five persons. The capacity of food for five is quite a lot for two people. But it’s economic and advisable for specific reasons. There should be free room for food while cooking. This will also enable you to prepare the whole chicken. Otherwise, you would have to break the chicken bones to fit it nicely into cooking space. However, this space can engulf six chicken wings quickly and can prepare it for your delight.

At the same time, fryers with the capacity of at least 5.8 quarts will allow making chicken of 4-pounds.

Some fryers have the feature of different compartments. These compartments enable you to prepare various foods at the same time, which saves time. And another advantage is more portions can be handled at the same time. These features and capacity of this nature make convenience in grilling and baking.

3. Countertop Space

The other aspect of buying a fryer is your countertop space. Either it will allow you to fit the fryer or after buying you will be worried about space.  If you are not getting one according to the area, it will be trouble despite blessing. So never neglect the locality where you have to fit.

If you have enough space for the fryer at your countertop, then a medium-sized fryer will meet your needs better. This will perfectly match you and much more suitable for two.

On the other hand, if you are short of space, a portable fryer will suit your requirements. The portable fryer can be moved to another place to a safe place and can be adjusted I cupboards. Plus point of portable fryers is you can take them with you everywhere either on picnics or for camping purposes. The choice is all yours.

Other than location other things which are worthy of consideration; the purpose of the fryer. Consider well that you are buying for setting permanently in one space or you want portable. If you love travelling and can’t stay at a place, then portable should be your choice. It will be much more convenient in camping, for hiking, or even in a dorm. You will not be disappointed and won’t be failed in feeding you and your companion

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The best air fryer reviews bring you the best and choices for you. Which are not only light on your budget but also for health. These reviews guide you towards healthy cooking and smart living.

Now by following these guidelines and suggestions, you know better what you want. You can estimate the right size needed for two. It shouldn’t be too small or too large. Just think which perfect fit for serving it will contain. Through the suggestions of the best air fryer, you would not have to scout through the market for getting one. You can buy one in one go so don’t be late for perfect food. 

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