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Ninja Air Fryer

These best air fryer reviews are about Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Air Fryer. Ninja foodie is multiple functional gadgets. It helps you in a broil, bake, roast, steam, air fry, along with many other things. It provides you with a variety of food tender inside crispy outside. This variety includes pastries, pork chop, chicken nuggets, bacon-wrapped onion rings and much more. What you name it has it. You only have to do one thing: try the best recipe and put the ingredients on a cooking romp.

Make good use of the air fryer in the right way and take advantage in many ways. The biggest advantage of an air fryer is in terms of health. The harmful to health ingredient in our diet is oil. An air fryer reduces the consumption of oil up to 70%. That’s why air fryers are health-friendly gadgets. These are the best substitute for conventional ovens and deep fryers.

For the best air fryer reviews about Ninja OP302 Foodie’s feature read till the end.


The cooking pot and basket in the Ninja OP302 foodie is PTFE/PFOA-free. PTFE/PFOA is the toxic component which is not in the use of this product. That’s why these parts are counted as non-toxic which makes the product safe to use. This gadget is comparatively big which means it’ll cover a bit of a large area. So that you have to make enough space at the countertop to manage it.


The Ninja OP302 Foodi comes with the ceramic coating pot. The capacity of ceramic-coated pots is 6.5-quart. This capacity of this part is suitable for cooking for the family of four. This large air fryer with the capacity of four is comparable with the NuWave Brio air fryer. Moreover, you can also go after the other air fryers with a capacity of 6 quarts. And also if you want the least capacity, you can try the 4-quart capacity ceramic-coated basket. This basket is estimated for the 3 to 4 lbs. of chicken.


Despite cooking in the ocean of oil-air fryers use the latest technology of air frying. Ninja foodie reduces the 70% oil consumption to typical ovens. After selecting the air fryer mode this product rotates the hot air around to cook food. So that you get crispy, tender and crunchy hot food.

The pressure cooker function of the Ninja foodie keeps the juices of meat and food locked into the food product. This function is to enhance the delicious taste. You can adjust the temperature of this food unit according to your preference. Five temperature settings help you in achieving your temperature target. So that you can cook food according to your choice and preferences.


The Ninja OP302 foodie is a 9 in one pressure cooker. Some functions related to cooking are inbuilt in it. These functions are air fry, broil, dehydrate, sear, bake, slow cook, sauté’ roast and broil. Dehydrating the food is a super cozy function in this Ninja Foodi. It dries off the numbness from the food and makes it super crispy. You can also use this function for the preservation of fruits and vegetables for long term use.  

As it carries the many functions in one unit so you don’t have to buy separate units for separate functions. As if it is saving you from buying the separate air fryer, pressure cooker and dehydrator etc.  So it’s saving money from buying many appliances separately. Secondly, on the other hand, it saves the space from being the cluster of appliances at the countertop. You can get potato chips, chicken wings, French fries, pastry, roasted Brussel sprouts and French fries. This all mentioned and much more in one unit. Don’t deprive yourself


Ninja foodie’s food basket is made up of non-stick coating. This non-stick function helps in easy maintenance. Food particles won’t stick because of this feature and it wouldn’t be difficult to remove. You can clean the basket with the machine and although it is also dishwasher safe choose what you like. Dishwasher safe feature is now common in approximately every air fryer. This gadget is also not an exception.

Although, take some preventive measures in maintaining your 9 in one air fryer. if you are manually cleaning the unit so don’t use an abrasive sponge or cleaning tool. Don’t put the whole main unit in the dishwasher. Otherwise, it would end up in destruction. See tips for cleaning your air fryer for increasing the lifespan of your gadget.

Price and Customer Reviews

Ninja foodie is a somewhat expensive product to some extent but it’s worth every dime of yours. Do not give up the idea of buying just listening to price. Check out the unique nine in one feature of it. Moreover, think of the delicious dishes which you can make with the help of this. And after catharsis and comparing the price and feature you won’t think of it as an expensive product.  You can have Ninja Foodi by just sparing 21.99$. You can also have a moderate price version of this unit. Moderate price version will cost you 144.95$. No matter what your choice is both are moderate and worth your attention.

The original unit lies in the range with the Philips Starfish Technology XL Air fryer and Tefal Actifry Genius XL air fryer.

Customers who have tried Ninja have believed in the exception of this product. It is the unique OP 302 nine in one gadget. Users of Ninja are fully satisfied with this product. It is a family product which makes it more reliable. It can accommodate the foodstuff for four. If you are confused about the size that either it will suit you are not. For determining the right size looks for the best air fryer reviews about the size of the fryer.



Different cooking methods and variety of food are not far away from you when you have mesmerizing Ninja OP302. It is a beneficial product which can provide you with healthy meals. After buying this all in one product you don’t have to run after other appliances. So that you have to spend money once for a while. Not only will it save your health, time, and countertop space. These best air fryer reviews came with the best suggestion. You will be clear in your thoughts after reaching the bottom. Grab one, eat healthy and chill life.

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