How Much Does An Air Fryer Cost?

How Much Does An Air Fryer Cost?

Whenever someone wants to buy something the first thing which comes to mind is cost. Now, when someone wants to buy an air fryer s/he must go through the best air fryer reviews. Whether, how much the new air fryer models cost. This article will help you to make smart choices for your culinary. Maintaining budget is a good thing. But when you want to buy the best air fryer don’t go after the price.

 Best air fryer reviews put your attention to the more noteworthy things. Your focus shouldn’t be the cost, whether it’s expensive or cheap. Quality and necessity should be at the top most priority while you are buying any fryer. Moreover, think about your health. Making healthy food, through the air fryer, puts a good impact on your health. Because, if you have a healthy life, you have the world. And of course, it will save you from paying unnecessary hospital bills. So in spite of losing money on extra bills, use it for buying the best air fryer.

So, once your focus is not money, your focus will be on the requirement and purpose. It will be based on your family, or for what you are buying. Or either you are buying for commercial purposes. Or maybe you want a small one for picnic tours.

 This air fryer review will help to solve your confusion. A wide range of air fryers includes, best cheap air fryers, air fryer for 50$ or air fryer within 100$. Moreover, you can have top rated air fryers that vary from mid range to highly costly one. There will be one which will match your budget and requirement at a time. This article means the best air fryer reviews article will help you in finding.

Air Fryer Recommendations, Specs, and Prices

Here are some best air fryer models and classification. Through the best air fryer reviews, you can peep to the range of air fryers. This article will be helpful in regards to specifications, best used for, and most importantly in price. Hopefully you find the best one.

Best Air Fryer Models for $50

This best air fryer reviews article will introduce you to the required product. If you want a fryer in the range of 50$ or bit more, there are few recommendations below. These would be the better if you want a comparatively small fryer. Or, if you want to make a meal for one person at a time. Small fryers are best for students and for camping trips. We have written a special article on Best Air Fryer for less than 100 $.

Dash is one of the best air fryer brands to buy. It’s small in size with the capacity of 1.2-quart. It can fry dozens of chicken wings or a pound of French fries in one go. This air fryer cost 45 dollars. Shipping charges are excluded.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive design

    This brand is not much renowned as Dash Compact. But still Bella air convection fryer is the second best option to buy. Its capacity is 1.6-quart and cost 50$ to have one. It is a small and very attractive fryer. Therefore it is the best choice for a single person. Similarly it is the best air fryer for office and driving use.

    • Easy to use as well as clean
    • Fast and proper working

      Air Fryers between $50 to $100

      The best fryers in this category are comparatively bigger than the previous recommendations. Henceforth, they can perform little more. You will find air fryers between the capacities of 2 quarts to 4 quarts in this category. Variations in this category depend on brands.

      This best air fryer review recommends you the excellent products

      The brand which goes at the top of the list in this category is GoWISE USA Programmable Air Fryer. The capacity of this fryer is 3.7-quart. It’s a perfect match for the newlywed couples or for the family of two or maybe up to three. The price rate for these fryers is 60$.

      • Include recipe book
      • Digital screen for settings
      • 8 preset functions

        The second one which is giving competition in this category is COSORI 3.7 Quart Air Fryer. It is a great product from the great brand, COSORI. It is best for the families of two to three persons. It’s great for cooking meals for two to three people like shrimps and French fries etc. if you want to get this air fryer unit it costs about 100$.

        • About 100 free recipes
        • Having comparatively more wide timing range (1-60 minutes)
        • Easier to store

          Air Fryers above $100

          The fryers which lie in the range of $400 to $700 or even more are comparatively very large. Normally, these are not required unless you throw a party. Because most are large in size. However, there are few fryers for small families that cost a bit above $100 to $200. Have a look at the best air fryer through this review.

          COSORI 5.8 Quart Air Fryer is a more substantial capacity air fryer. It can fry up to the capacity of 5 pounds chicken. It can cook meals for 4 to 5 persons in one go. It is a 5.8-quart air fryer. It costs about $120. It has 11 one touch already preset functions. COSORI air fryer is a brand name in the fryers market. It falls in the top best brands of air fryers.

          • Versatile and durable
          • Faster and efficient
          • Touch screen

            Ninja foodi is a dual nature air fryer. It can also perform as a pressure cooker. Its 6.5 Quart air fryer with the cooking capacity of 5 pounds of chicken and 3 pounds of French fries. It’s suitable for a family of 6 to 8 persons. Its price is around 200 dollars. Most of the buyers have positive best air fryer reviews about this product.

            • UL safety certified
            • Best air fryer for large sized families
            • Pressure cooking for fast working


              Hope this best air fryer reviews article helps you to have a look over the best available products. You can choose the best air fryer from top recommendations of air fryer reviews. No matter how large your family is or how shrinks your budget is.  

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