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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Competitions in any field bring better outcomes. The Ninja Foodi and Emeril are the contemporary and the competitors of each other. They are considered the best air fryer manufacturers in the market. These gadgets are doing their best to outdo each other. Although they lie in the same price range but still different and versatile in many regards. Therefore we have added them in our best air fryer reviews series. 

They can provide you with the services of air frying, roasting, dehydration, steaming and many more. Pressure cooker, air frying and steaming are remarkably featured by these units. In this best air fryer reviews article we are presenting the comparison between Ninja Foodi and Emeril Pressure air fryer. The best product will be that which will meet your requirements and offer reasonable price rates. You would be able to make a clear difference between them and draw out the winner. For getting a better understanding and picking the better one read the best comparison article till the end.

1. Design

The first difference which comes is the versatility in design.  Both are the large-capacity air fryers and need noticeable counter space. Mainly the difference is in the looks. The designing purpose and features are almost the same. One of the reasons to add them in our best air fryer reviews series is design. 

The Ninja Foodi is for family purpose cooking gadgets. The capacity of Ninja Foodi is 6.5-quart with the ceramic pot. 

The cook and crisp basket of the ninja are 4-quart. It is estimated that it can contain 3 to 5-lb of chicken at a time to enjoy family moments.  The way in which it cooks large food items in the same way it clusters space. Similarly, the Emeril Pressure air fryer is estimated with the same capacity. Emeril pressure air fryers are available in a stainless steel cooking pot. The capacity of this unit is also roundabout 6.5-quarts. You will never feel trouble cooking a large amount of food while having this fryer. If you have a large family, it’s not a big deal to have a large fryer covering a large space.

2. Versatility

Ninja Foodi and Emeril pressure air fryer both are versatile in their performance. But Emeril pressure air fryers are at the upper hand to some extent. Which one is better; to know read the best air fryer reviews till the end.

Ninja Foodi is a programmable functions gadget. This unit provides a wide range of options to cook with. You can take the advantage of a pressure cooker, steamer and air fryer with this unit. You can have a wide range of food items of your choice.

You can have bacon-wrapped onion rings, stews, French fries, chilis, pastry, chicken, casseroles, and many more. By seeing the likeness of people for crispy food dehydration function is introduced to this unit. Dehydrated food takes less time in cooking and is perfect for crispy, crunchy and golden finishing. While what’s more is dehydrated food can be saved longer. While on the other side, the Emeril pressure air fryer is much more versatile than Ninja Foodi. This multipurpose unit is 12 in one home appliance. These best air fryers can serve you with air fry, braise, slow cook, sous vide, sauté, make yoghurt, simmer, bake, roast, canner, and many others. Using these features you can have unlimited food options. You can slow cook beef, ribs, vegetables, fish and poultry.  Moreover, these all can be cooked in less time by Emeril rather than traditional ovens. Emeril supports the idea of less consumption of oil, uses 70% less or no oil. For the better variety and multiple preset technologies, Emeril would be the best air fryer but the selection is up to you. The aim of best air fryer reviews article series is the provision of actual information about the product. So that you can select according to your requirements after reading our articles.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance of both; Ninja and Emeril is an easy task to do. You can wash them manually and can also use the dishwasher. The ninja can be cleaned by the dishwasher. Moreover, while cleaning manually don’t use an abrasive sponge or sharp cleaning tool. The basket-like parts can be cleaned by the appliance. Cleaning won’t be an issue even after intense cooking.

The best air fryer like Emeril pressure air fryer you don’t have to worry about cleanliness.  It’s also available in a dish-washer safe stainless steel cooking pot. Due to stainless steel pot food wouldn’t remain stuck and cause a greasy effect. In all articles of the best air fryer reviews series, we focus on the maintenance requirements. The products with less maintenance requirements are more suitable for your kitchen. 

Both the units equally compete with each other in terms of maintenance. Ninja and Emeril are easy-going for cleaning purposes. Nonstick pots are the top focus to save time and allision. This makes them convenient and worth spending money. Because if the gadget is not clean properly it gives nasty feelings. Moreover, the remains staying at the several corners of food are enough to destroy the newly cooking food.  That’s why gadgets with easy maintenance are appreciated and wanted.

4. Price and Customer Reviews

There is not much difference in the price rates of ninja Foodi and Emeril pressure air fryers. Both the products lie in the same price range. The cost range category is under 200$. The products under $100 and under $50 are also available in best air fryer reviews series. You can read them if your budget is low. 

The Ninja Foodi air fryer cost 144.95$ dollars of your money. While on the other hand, Emeril pressure air fryers go for 199.78 $. If you go for the Ninja Foodi it is cheaper than the Emeril pressure air fryer. The ninja will save you the price of 50$. But if you look for features you will be sacrificing more features just for 50 dollars.

Now if you want more features and versatility to your cooking by Emeril air fryer. This best air fryer has the 44 preset functions which are quite impressive. But if you want to save money then buy Ninja but don’t complain about having fewer features.

While when we go on the best air fryer reviews made by viewers they are satisfied with both the products. The ninja Foodi air fryer buyers said that cooking is fun when you have ninja Foodi once. You can try different recipes. But it also came in consideration for ninja is the odour of food stuck to the pot. And this smell doesn’t go with ease; it will take up your temper.

While on the other hand buyers of Emeril pressure air fryers are happy with this product. They reviewed that it can make frozen meat with great delicacy. It makes the frozen meat yummy, delicious and tender. However, being of large size it makes the customer uncomfortable to some extent. It covers a large countertop space as it comes with many pieces.


You have read the entire best air fryer reviews. Both the gadgets top priority is to outperform in their speciality and limits. You chose one which suits you better and aligns to your budget. Keep the functionality also in mind which will meet your expectations.

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