Cosori Air Fryer CP158-Air Fryer Review

COSORI Air Fryer

Casori is the name of quality and trust in the world of air fryers, toasters, ovens and other kitchen appliances. The Casori CP158-AF is the admirable best air fryer invention. This gadget is counted as the highly rated air fryers in the market. This machine is designed with the adorable features which makes the exception. Read out to find out the best one with multiple features.

There are also other contemporary for the kitchen to the Casori to whom you can give a try. This list includes the Emeril Lagasse Power air fryer 360 and NuWave Brio 14-quart Large Capacity Air Fryer. These are also checking worthy machines to try to explore their features. These best air fryer reviews are all about Casori Air Fryer CP158-AF. Read more to know more.

1. Design

The most user friendly feature of this best air fryer is it is portable. Portability feature makes it attractive. You can carry it to your office, your dorm or at any other place you wish to carry. The Casori CP158 is the light weighted air fryer. This gadget weighs nearly 11.5 lb which is not heavy to carry. This weight is ideal and light to carry in hands. More important it comes in stylish design which enhances the beauty of countertop. Due to its manufactured design it can sit at any place well either it’s your kitchen or room or whatever. It blends into all places very well and does not give the sense of awkwardness.

2. Capacity

The most important thing which demands attention while buying the best air fryer is capacity. The air fryers with the large capacity are always appreciated. Because you can cook a large amount of food at the same time. The Casori Air Fryer CP158 is the unit which sits well over the demand and choice of the customer. This gadget is available in the market with a basket of 5.8-quarts. This is the ideal capacity for the support of 5 to 6 lbs of chicken at one go. Similarly, one can cook more food at a time without breaking the food into sections so that you can have a meal. That’s why its large capacity and size is convenient and light weight is like icing on the cake. These all features make it the best choice as a whole.

3. Technology

This air fryer is designed with the technology which ensures the hygienic lifestyle. Therefore, it focuses on the less consumption of oil which reduces the calorie intake. It minimizes the consumption of oil 85% per meal with comparison to conventional deep-fried food. But the main thing remains the same which is taste. It gives you crispier and more tasty food as any deep fryer can. Now don’t take back your hand from food because of fat. This problem is solved now using Casori CP158 to have meals with no or less oil consumption.

4. Versatility

 Versatility is the feature of the Casori CP158 which makes it top rated in the list of best air fryers. There are eleven cooking features presets in the Casori CP158. These presets settings are for; frozen foods, bread, vegetables, shrimps, seafood, root vegetables, French fries, steak, French fries, bacon, poultry, and desserts. Just select the preset of your choice and get what you desired well cooked in less time.

If you are running out of recipes and cooking ideas try these one. Casori air fryer CP158 supports these recipes. These are air fried corn dog bites, potato croquettes with parmesan cheese recipe, and air fried peach hand pies. Not only these you can also try Salmon and brussels sprout, air fryer empanadas, and Broccoli with cheese baked potatoes recipe. Eat what you want by buying the Casori best air fryer. 

5. Maintenance

As it is easy going and convenient in cooking and technology just like that it is in maintenance. What’s best is it is also a dishwasher safe air fryer. The parts of this fryer are also removable for cleaning purposes. You can separate the parts and put them in the dishwasher and again assemble them back in place after cleaning. So that there will be no grease and other food particles remaining. It’s easy to eliminate them by a maintenance friendly model.

Detachable parts are always convenient to keep the maintenance. Plus point is that the basket of this fryer is non-stick. Firstly there are less chances of food to stick on the surface and secondly if some parts stay it is easy to clean. This air fryer is easy and fast to clean-up.

6. Price and Reviews

Although Casori is the top brand and Casori CP158 is the top rated air fryer with multiple features but still it is not much expensive. It is not highly priced to increase the value. After reading the best air fryer reviews you will be sure about its purchase. It is worth every dime of your money which you spent over it. The rivals of Casori CP158 in the price race are; Philips TurboStar technology Airfryer, instant vortex plus 7-in-one air fryer and GoWISE USA GW44800-0 Deluxe.

Now looking at the best air fryer reviews of the previous buyers you will be much satisfied with the outcomes of this product. 

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According to the customers preset settings you will be free from the tension of temperature. You don’t have to worry about temperature. Casori Air Fryer preset technology will automatically tackle this issue according to your selected mode.
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Cosori Air Fryer is a durable product which can last long. The thing which makes the customer more satisfied is its detachable parts which are easy to clean. Always the thing about food which worries me a lot is cleanliness and hygiene.
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And Casori Air Fryer makes you free of these worries. After these reviews and trying Casori you can eat freely what you want as it will be less fatty.


In a nutshell, the Casori is the great purchase which belongs to your kitchen. It can prepare food faster, good in design and portable. Moreover; it won’t bother you in cleaning which makes it more worthy. So what’s the point for not having it? Just buy it in a single click for your kitchen. 

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