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Best Gourmia Air Fryer

Fried foods are one of the major causes for damaging health. They cause heart problems like myocardial infarction. Similarly they damage our blood vessels. It is very difficult to avoid fried foods. But now the solution is available in the form of a digital air fryer. Yes, you are reading correctly. The solution of fried foods is available.

Air fryers are the solution of fried foods. They not only provide you with healthy food but also provide the same quality and taste. Digital air fryer models prepare delicious foods with about 85% less fat. Therefore the demand for air fryers is increasing. They work quickly and provide crispy delicious food items. They are the best solution for friends and family gathering.

People are very curious about healthy lifestyles. Therefore they are moving towards healthy foods. Fried foods are not considered as healthy but it is difficult to avoid them. The availability of air fryers has revolutionized the fried foods. There are many new air fryer models that have been launched in the market. You can enjoy these machines along with your family.

Market is full of air fryer machines. Some of them are highly priced while others are reasonably priced. New models of digital air fryer machines are attracting the people. They are comparatively easy to use and have more features. Therefore people prefer them over manual machines. In this article we are writing about comparatively reasonable priced fryers.

An air fryer is actually a small gadget in the kitchen. It provides a solution for fried foods. They are becoming very popular because of their features. The old models are manual but now companies are preparing digital models. They have a screen on the front end. Most of the new models are equipped with LED or LCD displays. New models of digital air fryer are comparatively easy to use. Similarly they have more features and build inn recipes. Therefore their demand is increasing. Here we have listed some modern air fryers which are available at a reasonable price.

1. Gourmia GAF735 Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Gourmia has a name in the top brands of air fryers. We have mentioned many best gourmia air fryer models in our different articles. Almost all best air fryer reviews have models of gourmia. GAF735 is an ideal air fryer model from gourmia. It prepares healthy food like other new air fryers. It is comparatively more efficient for frying. Many recipes like french fry and chicken frying can be prepared ideally with the gourmia GAF735 model.                                                      It has a large capacity of 7Qt. Therefore it is suitable for large families as well. It prepares food comparatively  more quickly and easily. Therefore it is recommended for parties and gatherings of friends. Similarly it is an ideal choice for cooking meals within no time at the time of guests arrival. 


  • Quick and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • 8 pre-set functions
  • Recipe book
  • Pop-out non-stick basket
  • Easy to clean

    GAF615 is one of the best gourmia air fryer models. It is suitable for healthy food preparations. It uses negligible oil while preparing foods but provides crispy and tasty meals. Therefore it is considered a healthy food provider. 

    It has about 6Qt capacity which is moderate. It is neither too large nor a small but a medium sized air fryer. This model requires 1700 watts power for operating. GAF 615 is comparatively faster in working. Its heating technology ensures even cooking along with efficient heating. Moreover it is user friendly and available at a reasonable price. 

    Most of the users have positive reviews about this model. Gourmia air fryer models are best in working as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore gourmia is competing with other brands in the market. Here are some pros and points mentioned by best air fryers reviews of users.


    • 8 pre set functions
    • Recipe book
    • Nonstick fry basket
    • Redivection 360 technology
    • Recommended by users
    • LCD display

      3. Gourmia GAF328 Digital Air Fryer

      The GAF 328 model of gourmia is also one of the best air fryer models. It prepares healthy foods within no time. The GAF 328 model is equipped with an express heating system for 30% faster working. Therefore it is more efficient and a quick food preparator. 

      It can prepare a variety of popular dishes. Similarly it allows different processes with six built in functions. It is an ideal choice for grilling. Moreover its heating system reduces the requirement of oil. Therefore it prepares healthy food. 

      This model allows multiple time settings up to 30 minutes. Similarly you can adjust temperature accordingly up to 400 F. This diversity allows you multiple functions as well as dishes preparation. Some of the main advantages of this product are mentioned here:


      • 3.5 Qt capacity
      • Six pre-set cooking modes
      • Dishwasher safe tray for easy cleaning
      • Recipe book
      • Easy to use and maintain

        Final Verdict

        This article is about the Best Digital Air Fryer for less than 100$. Similarly we have written about Best Air Fryer For $50. Our team is working hard to find out the best air fryer models for our readers. We have also classified air fryers according to capacity like Best Air Fryers 5 Quarts. Our basic aim is the provision of top air fryers to the people. Therefore we are doing research and writing best air fryer reviews.

        We have written diverse articles on new air fryers. With the passage of time, we are updating our list. You can easily find out your required air fryer from our articles. Moreover you can also suggest any topic related to air fryers. In this article we have mentioned air fryers for less than $100 for small to medium sized families. Similarly we have written many air fryer reviews for large families with large capacity air fryers. 

        Always select a product according to your requirements. Firstly read the review properly and match it with your requirements. There are some points those need to consider before order like price and capacity. Similarly brand and quality of model also matters. After reviewing all the points you can order your selected item. 

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