Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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Having snacks behind meals is common practice around the globe. But chocolate chip cookies have a separate level of relish. Air fried chocolate chip cookies are delight some snack irrespective of time. These can also be served as a dessert. You can also use them as food supplements just like other snacks. You can eat them up without hesitation with black tea, coffee, some hot chocolate, and some hot cider. It doesn’t matter how you are eating your chocolate chip cookies. The thing which matters is it’s not only a tasty snack but also a healthy one.

Air fryers have successfully substituted the conventional method of deep frying meals in oil. Meanwhile, the air fryer prepares the same meal using hot air circulation. Due to this circulation ability it turns down the amount of fat you take into your system drastically. Moreover, it leaves you with a super healthy meal.

These chocolate chip cookies originally originated in America. So they are native to America. Two American chefs Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides, in 1938 introduced this masterpiece in the world of snacks.

However, as it is a great innovation so that no one should be deprived of this blessing. Henceforth, this article will introduce you to the ingredients used in it. And moreover will share the recipe with tasty chocolate chip air fryer cookies. And that’s not the end; this article will also cover the best recommendations of air fryers for this recipe.

How to make your tasty chocolate chip cookies with an air fryer?

Have a quick glimpse at the ingredients and recipe here.

Here are what you need to make your tasty chocolate chip cookies and the process.


  • Sugar according to taste (white granular)
  •  Sugar brown (according to your taste)
  • Single tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Two eggs
  • Chocolate chunks 2 cup
  • 1 spoon Kosher salt
  • Flour 2 cups
  • 1 small teaspoon of baking soda 
  • Small amount of butter 
  • Walnut according to taste in chopped form

The Process

The detailed process of recipe is mentioned here in different phases:

Phase 1

  • Put the unsalted butter sticks into a bowl and let them soften.
  • After that add the granulated sugar in it.
  • Then the brown sugar.
  • Beat then 3 to 5 minutes. Until they mix well and give the fluffy texture.
  • What more is to add one tablespoon of vanilla extract to the prepared mixture.
  • Now put two eggs in it.
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt will be added to it.
  • Keep beating more until the mixture combines well.
  • Then add baking soda to it.
  • After that put all-purpose flour and keep mixing it well until all blends together.

Phase 2

  • When you are done with the phase 1 and your mixture is ready move to phase 2 which is;
  • Add two cups of chocolate chunks to the prepared mixture which is the result of phase 1.
  • Don’t forget to put walnuts.
  • And of course don’t forget to combine them.

Phase 3

  •  Now at the end of phase two your mixture is perfectly ready. Phase 3 would lead you towards baking. For that purpose;
  • You have to preheat your fryer at 350 degree F.
  • Air fryer rack should be lined with parchment paper but make sure there’s room at the edges for air to flow.
  • Pour the two tablespoon scoops of the mixture on the rack. Alternatively, you can use one large spoon.
  • They shouldn’t be stuffed, they must be an inch apart.
  • After that, flat scoops on the rack to form a cookie shape.
  • Henceforth, bake them for about 5 minutes. Cookies should change to golden brown when cooked.
  • After cookies are cooked, remove the rack from the air fryer for the cookies to cool off.
  • Serve/eat them warm or reserve for later.

Top air fryer recommendations

Now it’s time to discuss the top air fryer recommendations for the chocolate chip cookies.

1- COSORI Air Fryer

Number one on the recommendation list is COSORI air fryer. This model is also mentioned in many other articles. Users have positive thoughts about this. Therefore we have mentioned it in many best air fryer reviews.

2- Philips TurboStar Technology Air fryer

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3- GoWISE USA GW22731

GoWISE USA GW22731 is not less than anyone. It also has class and top standards. GoWISE is an emerging brand of air fryers. Therefore many models of GoWISE air fryers are mentioned in top categories. 

If you want to know more about the recommendations then visit the best air fryer reviews. We have written review articles on different topics as some mentioned in the above heading.


Now you know how chocolate chip cookies crumble. Similarly, you got the idea. So what’s the point to delay? Do hurry and put the idea into practice. By this you would be cent percent sure what you cooked is healthy. What’s more and better is, you can use an air fryer quickly and stress free. 

This is a delicious recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Moreover we have mentioned some top air fryers if you don’t have one in your kitchen. You can buy these recommended air fryers for the best experience of cooking. Similarly if you are a food lover and want to prepare different recipes then you must have a best air fryer.

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